Status: Completed

A past event in your life may be crucial to your future

With a main character who seems to speak in a very monotonous tone and doesn’t show much expression until necessary, ERASED has a very strong story.

Fujinuma Satoru is a Manga artist struggling to make a name for himself, and works in a pizza shop to make a living. But what makes him special is that he experiences what he calls Revival, an ability that allows him to go back a few seconds into the past in order to prevent a catastrophic event from happening, such as a car accident involving a child.

It’s not that simple, however, as soon a tragic event which occurred during his elementary school years regarding a fellow classmate links to future events involving Satoru and his family, and his life takes a turn for the worse.

Revival kicks in again, but Satoru gets taken much further into the past than expected; he ends up back in elementary school. He’s given the chance to right the wrongs in relation to the tragedy of fellow classmate Hinazuki Kayo, and is determined to do so in order to save both her and his family.

And it’s not just once, but twice where Satoru is taken back into the past, as the first time round things don’t seem to have changed at all, apart from when the event occurred and Satoru finds somewhat of a link to an event affecting his family. This final chance makes him even more determined, and it’s not just him and Kayo who are affected this time.

ERASED starts off steady as it introduces everyone in Satoru’s life, from his mother to his work colleagues, and how Revival operates. Then things get much more interesting when Satoru’s life changes and he goes back to the past to change the future. There are plenty of emotions flying around as we learn more about Kayo, her life and the tragic event involving her, and how it affected others around her and Satoru. Add some heartbreaking scenes with Kayo, and some action when the anime picks up the pace as Satoru learns more about the event that happened in elementary school and other events that link to it, and you basically have a masterpiece of an anime that no ones seems to know about until you’ve either recommended it to someone or you’ve read about it somewhere and became interested. Definitely one to add to your ‘must watch’ list.



A struggling Manga artist is given the chance to make right the wrongs that happened in the past as they come back to haunt him and his family

Anything else?: Those scenes where you see what Kayo has to go through


3 thoughts on “ERASED

  1. I did a very long review on this, pretty much coming in from a psychological angle. To me the series didn’t do a fantastic job, in terms of looking at it objectively. The show really let it self down in some areas. Entertainment wise, the show is something to recommend others to. Good review Zoya :D, keep up the work and posts!!.


  2. Erased is a really interesting watch and an easy one to convince non-anime fans to watch if they are into mystery or crime stories because it has a clear narrative (unlike so many other anime where trying to explain what they are actually about can take half-an-hour). Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this anime.


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