Flying Witch

Sha la la laaa

Is the first thing you’ll rfwemember before you realise what a gem this anime is. Flying Witch is a nice breath of fresh air from all the anime and manga that scream action, death, adventure, blood, violence, fantasy etc., instead giving you lovely, calm and slow-paced moments with a lovable witch and her cat in the form of 15-year old Kowata Makoto and Chito.

Before I go into that, here’s the story. Makoto is in-training and moves from Yokohama to Aomori where her second cousins are living in order to become a fully-fledged witch. They’re a laid back bunch who are pretty chill with all the supernatural things that come their way since Makoto stays with them, after all the surprises the kids go through before it becomes the norm for them. It brings a nice twist into the story as Makoto’s life intertwines with theirs, yet at the same time their lives are intertwining with hers as she learns some skills that’ll assist in her witch training.

You may think that from this summary the story is a bit meh, but trust me when I say it’s pretty good simply because it’s different. Gone are the fast-paced action sequences where there’s a possible dramatic moment with the main character, the love triangles/squares/pentagons (you get the idea), the fantasy worlds and funky soundtrack playing in the background. Strip all of that away and add a sprinkle of supernatural goodness into the story and that’s Flying Witch. Yup, it’s a basic and straightforward anime with a nice bunch of characters, two cats, a hamster and an owl. And a dog/human hybrid, but not FMA dog/human hybrid. Never FMA dog/human hybrid.

Anyway I digress, but yeah that’s pretty much what Flying Witch is about. The whole idea of keeping things calm and sticking to life with added supernatural elements is just…perfect. Sure there are some moments where in any other anime you’d probably be wondering why something so uneventful like walking around town and picking veggies is there, but here they bring a nice charm. And the fact that the anime is slow-paced adds a nice touch to it, and can be so slow in terms of reactions that at times I thought the video had frozen for some reason before anything happened. But it’s nice; you don’t always need a lot going on for something to be good.

And that’s all I can pretty much say about this. Flying Witch is a really down to earth anime that takes a laid back approach to everything, and it’s just so relaxing and calm with an opening song that people clap too (from what I’ve been in the comments section that is). I recommend it because it shows that you don’t have to be the “all guns blazing” type of anime to be good.


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