My Little Monster

Sweet and funny romance…with a side order of rooster

I’m not kidding about the rooster either; you see it in the opening and it shows up in all but one episode. And it has a name by the second episode! If that isn’t progress, I don’t know what is. Oh and it gets its own mini show at the end of each episode.

Anyway, moving on.

So I kept seeing this on Crunchyroll, and I don’t know why but this time I decided to check out the summary. And I can say that I enjoyed the show.

My Little Monster follows MC Mizutani Shizuku, a high school who is basically what everyone wants to be: someone with good grades. She’s constantly studying and aiming high, which means she’s an emotionless and lonely person to the point where she was called Dry Ice by her fellow classmates. But this doesn’t bother her. Well, more like it doesn’t last long once the show starts, because the lovable Yoshida Haru makes his debut soon after we meet Shizuku. He’s basically the opposite of Shizuku, only that he gets better grades than her. The reason why? I won’t spoil it here but his past is quite interesting and funny, but he’s so bubbly like a puppy it’s adorable and you can’t help but smile.

So this is what the story is all about: Shizuku and Haru’s relationship. It’s sweet and funny, and sort of reminds me of Horimiya, in that the MC starts talking to a guy who no one paid attention to until they undergo some sort of change where they end up becoming the most interesting person in the school. The differences in My Little Monster are that Shizuku is less dramatic and Haru is more short-tempered and acts before he thinks, and Shizuku’s encounter with Haru is outside of school and even funnier in my opinion. Plus they confess sooner which is also funny. Other than that it’s pretty much an inner battle for Shizuku with some cute moments including Haru, along with moments from the others who soon make their way into the mix, which features a love triangle that later becomes some sort of love square/pentagon. Oh and don’t forget about the rooster.

My only criticisms are that at times there wasn’t much progression between Haru and Shizuku, and in my opinion, when you have a guy like Haru, why wouldn’t you want to progress. And Shizuku, if he gets better grades than you, why don’t you ask him to teach you?! I’m defending Haru more than Shizuku simply because I like how he cares and loves Shizuku, and he even says to her that he wants peace of mind as to their relationship status because Shizuku just goes crazy when she realises how much she likes Haru, but then it affects her grades and she becomes all Dry Ice again. Haru if you were real I’d take you. My other criticism is that the final episode hints at another season and played it safe, like it ended how the show started, and despite Haru asking Shizuku to confirm their relationship somehow, nothing happened. I know I keep going on about it, but it’s similar to Horimiya, and Murimiya is adorable with a similar personality to Haru, but him and Hori actually have some progression in their relationship. Spoiler: he sort of proposes to her from the latest chapter I read!

Tantrum aside, I did enjoy My Little Monster. I’d definitely watch it again because the story and characters are really good, and as much as I like Shizuku and Haru’s relationship, I wanted more progression. If there’s more in the manga I’d happily read it, but comparing it to Horimiya, the latter is slightly better in my opinion. I highly recommend both.

Now, for the more important question: Haru or Murimiya?


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