Kikenchitai Danshi

A tale of two “kings”

Thanks to Twitter, I came to know about this manga and put it on my “to read” list. And it’s quite different to what I expected just from seeing one image of Kuroki. Pretty interesting too if you pay attention to what’s going on from the beginning, unlike me who didn’t until about halfway through what’s been translated so far. Clearly I’m losing out here ^^’

So Kikenchitai Danshi. It’s a romance manga set in high school, but it’s quite unique from the get go which was surprisingly good. Our leading lady is Satsuki Kurei who attends a high school close to two all-boys’ schools that are the complete opposite to the other, and are both “ruled” by “kings”. By this I mean one guy from each school basically rules the others in their respective schools, and one is known as the White King and the other as the Black King due to their personalities. I’m sure you can guess that one is more prince-like than the other. 

Anyway, these guys are Shirayuki and Kuroki respectively, and neither of them or their “subjects” get along at all with the other and their “subjects”. To top it all off, the schools are so close to each other that there’s an overlapping area of land where fights and what not just happen. And that’s where things take a turn in Satsuki’s life; she ends up in that forbidden part of the schools.

Satsuki’s presence there one day changes Shirayuki and Kuroki’s lives in that one of them falls for her first before the other tries to sabotage their relationship to get Satsuki for themselves. Not saying who but there are some sweet and heartbreaking moments there. Sadly they take their time showing up which is a shame, but you can see why I didn’t pay attention in the beginning, plus I didn’t really understand what was happening until halfway through. Then again, it’s more about gangs and what not and how Satsuki plays a part in all the havoc caused by those involved before things become more about romance. Not a bad move in my opinion.

So we have two main guys who are two sides of the same coin, and one leading lady who tugs the heartstrings of these two as they fall for her and continue their reign a their respective schools. But who shall she pick? It seems like Satsuki has made her decision, but the manga is ongoing and has stopped a chapter before something good goes down. No surprises there, but it seems like Kikenchitai may be finishing off a few chapters later. We shall see.

I’m a bit mixed as to what I think of Kikenchitai overall. It has its ups and downs, but I do like its uniqueness in that there’s more to the guys’ stories than what I’ve come across in Shoujo manga, and it’s not all about the girl this time. Sure Satsuki has her moments, but Shirayuki and Kuroki are the more interesting ones out of the three MCs, just that I felt like I didn’t get to see much of them. But that’s just me.

Kikenchitai is a decent manga, but I like it for its non-romance elements. There are some sweet romance moments, don’t get me wrong, just that the action and what not is better in my opinion. What do you guys think?


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