Kikenchitai Danshi

A tale of two “kings”

Thanks to Twitter, I came to know about this manga and put it on my “to read” list. And it’s quite different to what I expected just from seeing one image of Kuroki. Pretty interesting too if you pay attention to what’s going on from the beginning, unlike me who didn’t until about halfway through what’s been translated so far. Clearly I’m losing out here ^^’

So Kikenchitai Danshi. It’s a romance manga set in high school, but it’s quite unique from the get go which was surprisingly good. Our leading lady is Satsuki Kurei who attends a high school close to two all-boys’ schools that are the complete opposite to the other, and are both “ruled” by “kings”. By this I mean one guy from each school basically rules the others in their respective schools, and one is known as the White King and the other as the Black King due to their personalities. I’m sure you can guess that one is more prince-like than the other.  Continue reading “Kikenchitai Danshi”


Crayon Days

Love can come from anywhere

It’s been a while since my last post, but I haven’t just been studying away; I’ve been catching up on some anime and starting new ones before I get round to reviewing them, but I will try to get more content up quicker for my beloved readers ^^

Here we have Crayon Days. It’s a lovely short and sweet story featuring two people who get closer through their love for art. It’s different because I’ve never come across a manga that features a different kind of school since it’s normally been a standard school or a boarding school, but this is a unique angle for a romance manga.

Our MCs of the story are Ichinose Shima and Akatuski Saji. Shima is a new student at the Tokyo Art School, which is a big change and step for her since she’s a country girl who wants to prove she can be good at art. As for Saji, he’s a famous student known for his impressive art skills. The two have contrasting personalities and artistic abilities; Shima is more child-like and naive which is portrayed through her drawings which seem to lack that depth and emotion people see in art, whereas Saji is the quiet type who’s a perfectionist and shows that depth and emotion in his work. Continue reading “Crayon Days”


Love at first touch?

More like grope, but I’ll get onto that in a bit.

I can’t remember how exactly I first came across this manga, but after a long break from it because it’s ongoing, I went back to it only to find about 20 newly translated chapters. Talk about good things come to those who wait am I right?

Anyway, I started it again from the beginning and I loved Namaikizakari all over again, and how it progressed in the new chapters.

Namaikizari stars Machida Yuki as the MC. She’s a second year at Ryohoku high school and manager of the basketball club. As she’s recruiting first years at the start of the new school year, she encounters Naruse Shou, a rather tall and good looking guy who accidentally gropes Yuki after someone knocks him over. But Yuki bravely continues on acting as though nothing happened, given how she has younger brothers and sisters to deal with and is able to deal with stuff (not this kinda stuff though). Continue reading “Namaikizakari”

Okobore Hime to Entaku Kishi

No ordinary princess

Another ongoing series, I didn’t like where the story has currently stopped. But from the comments I have seen on MangaHere, the mangaka isn’t feeling well enough to carry on with the series. Get well soon Akatsuki Kaori!

Moving on now, and I do like where this series is headed. Okobore has a princess as our MC, known as Princess Leticia or The Leftover Princess in her Kingdom. Her title comes from the fact she was given the throne instead of her two older brothers, because if either of them became King, Civil War would follow suit. So, her King father decided that the best way to deal with this problem would be to give Leticia the throne instead. A pretty good idea and an interesting backstory. Well done for making that decision Leticia’s dad!

Leticia isn’t an ordinary princess either. She’s a strong-willed person who will do what she can to make people see her as someone different to being the Leftover Princess, and will do what she can to maintain peace during her reign. What’s more, rather than leave it to her guards and what not to handle things, she ventures out into the Kingdom to get a feel for the place she is going to rule as Queen someday, and is educated in stuff no man would think a woman should learn, such as reading maps and what not.  Continue reading “Okobore Hime to Entaku Kishi”

Watashi no Ookami-kun

A treat for all the Fruits Basket fans out there!

I absolutely love Fruits Basket, and for those of you who have been with me since the beginning will know this from one of my very first (and very dull) reviews I posted back when the blog was called Only Animanga. But times have changed, and I hope my posts have changed for the better and are keeping you guys interested and awake while reading them.

I digress.

So, Watashi no Ookami-kun. I came across this when I went to Forbidden Planet in London and was checking out what manga they have (and wow do they have a big manga collection!). The synopsis did mention that this is a manga for fans of Fruits Basket, and it didn’t lie. I really enjoyed it.

It’s a very short series though, only four volumes long I believe. Now I like stories of different lengths so I’m not fussed about this because you do find hidden gems in the short series of manga and anime out there, and this is one of them. Continue reading “Watashi no Ookami-kun”


Teams Toma and Shin all the way!

I say that, but Kent is the most sweetest and genuine out of the four (bless him), followed by Shin. I say Team Toma cos he’s my favourite, but I’d take either Shin or Kent to be my BF if they were real. With Toma’s looks.

So Amnesia. I came across the game first on Vita since it was free on PS Plus last month, and because I’ve never played visual novel games before I thought I’d try it out. And wow was it gripping. I started off with Toma and the Diamond Route, followed by Ikki and the Spade Route. After it was Shin and the Heart Route, and finally sweet sweet Kent and the Clover Route. Respectively I got a bad ending, a bad ending, a normal ending, and a normal ending. Now I’m playing through Toma’s Route again to see if I can get a better ending with him. Hopefully I do. It seems to be going well (for now).

I then went onto the Amnesia Wiki to see what else is in the game (there’s another Route which I haven’t unlocked yet), and turns out there’s also an anime. So of course I’d check it out, and the first thing I’ll say is that it needed a couple more episodes. Continue reading “Amnesia”


16 again…with extra feels

I’ve seen 17 Again, and all I can say is, Zac Efron will look like Matthew Perry when he gets older, despite there being no resemblance whatsoever. But I do like the Audi R8 that features in the movie. Gotta love R8s.

There’s no link between 17 Again and Orange at all. So don’t get too excited/disappointed/whatever you feel about this because I just remembered 17 Again as I was watching this. Hence the subtitle.

Ok so, Orange. It’s a “change the past” type anime with ERASED and Anohana vibes to it. Like a lot, with almost as many feels as Anohana, but more animated characters than either of these anime. You’ll see what I mean. Continue reading “Orange”

Geten no Hana

Ninja x Samurai Harem


All I can say first of all is, this was getting to a good point and then boom, the “you are up-to-date with Geten no Hana”. Like come on!! I was enjoying it!

Okay mini rage over. I love Geten no Hana for many things before I even get to the story: Feudal Japan, Samurai, Ninja. I love Feudal Japan and the whole Samurai/Ninja life that came with it, and to finally see a manga which is based in that era, all I can say is Ruby Party I take my hat off to you. If I wore hats. But I love that you chose this setting.

I’d recommend this to anyone who just wants a Feudal Japan based manga, but also warn them that (at the time of reading the manga and posting this) only 8 chapters have been released on Mangahere. Sad times guys. Sad times. Continue reading “Geten no Hana”

My Little Monster

Sweet and funny romance…with a side order of rooster

I’m not kidding about the rooster either; you see it in the opening and it shows up in all but one episode. And it has a name by the second episode! If that isn’t progress, I don’t know what is. Oh and it gets its own mini show at the end of each episode.

Anyway, moving on.

So I kept seeing this on Crunchyroll, and I don’t know why but this time I decided to check out the summary. And I can say that I enjoyed the show.

Continue reading “My Little Monster”

Diabolik Lovers II: More Blood

Even shorter episodes this time round (down by about two minutes), Diabolik Lovers II: More Blood brings back main character Yui with the ever-fighting Sakamaki vampire brothers. But now Yui is more a family member this time round – no not as a vampire – as she’s grown accustomed to their habit of just appearing next to her whenever they want blood, and the fact that now they ever so slightly treat her more like a human than prey. The story isn’t about that though, as now the brothers and Yui must deal with a new threat in the form of another set of vampire brothers.

The new season is comprised of the story of Adam and Eve with a twist, as Yui is supposedly Eve; Adam remains unknown. This is according to the new vampires who are introduced in the first episode, who turn out to not be pureblood vampires. As you get to know them, you see that their personalities remind you of some of the Sakamaki brothers: the second brother (quiet but strict), the fourth brother (flirty but evil brother who likes to give Yui degrading nicknames), fifth brother (the supposedly cute brother out of them all but is actually creepy) and the sixth brother (the hot headed one who hates everything/one), collectively known as the Mukami brothers. They’ve now taken Yui away for their plan, consisting of the need to find Adam. Continue reading “Diabolik Lovers II: More Blood”