One long (but epic) cutscene cut into bite size chunks

Okay so this may not be seen as an anime because it’s created by RoosterTeeth, but it’s on Crunchyroll. Not a strong argument, but I’m reviewing it anyway but won’t (for balance) list it in the anime category.

I don’t know what made me want to watch RWBY. and I started it not thinking it much about it. I heard of the name and kept calling it R W B Y, but it’s pronounced ruby. You find out about this like a few episodes in and makes a lot of sense when you find out the name’s origin. Anyway, going into this without thinking of what to expect was a good idea (I do this with quite a lot of anime), and I really enjoyed it. Continue reading “RWBY”


The First One Lovely Blog Award in 2016 of Yahari Bento!


This would be the last blog award in 2016 of Yahari Bento!! blog. Please let me express my gratitude to the lovely bloggers…

  1. Raistlin0903 – Dutch blogger but his English language skill is awesome! Review many media but I’m surprised about boardgame reviews because I never play game like this. I like how you organize menu too. It’s easy and guide me to search interesting post.
  2. remyfool (blog is The Lily Garden) – When I lost in this lily garden, I was K.O. by Yuri combo punches. When I try to escape from this garden, I was shot by Yuri rocket. Be careful when you proceed that place.

for nominating Yahari Bento for The One Lovely Blog Award. Wow! Everything has the first time. So I will treasure it. Thank you so much for thinking of me when you did this nomination. (>v<) If I am nominated this award again…

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Pokemon Generations: The Beauty Eternal (Episode 16)

No rest for the wicked

So there are around two or three (maybe four to make it a nice 20) episodes to go now before the end of a short but amazing series that is Pokemon Generations. And we’re finally in the Kalos Region! I haven’t played X or Y, but from the looks of this episode, it’s a pretty interesting Region with its villains.

The Beauty Eternal is sort of a fast paced but dark episode, and is a strong-ish start to a new Region. Lysandre is our main guy in this episode and judging from the glimpse of Yveltal at the end *late spoiler alert*, he’s the villain from Pokemon Y. At first I thought he was a good guy, what with how he seemed to be portrayed during a public presentation with his Pyroar, until he mentions something about never letting the world become ugly. Turns out he’s part of Team Flare. My lack of Pokemon gaming knowledge is clearly showing… Continue reading “Pokemon Generations: The Beauty Eternal (Episode 16)”

I am (sort of) back!

Hello once again WordPress audience! I am back with a new blog name and expanded my blog to WordPress. Good times.

The reason for my post title? Because I initially started my blog (formerly Only Animanga as of roughly a week ago) on here, and then moved it to Blogger, and have decided to give this another try….with exclusive Fairy Tail reviews! That’s right: Blogger gets Gintama, WordPress gets Fairy Tail.happy

So to get things moving, I’ll start off with some of my recent posts from Blogger on this, and slowly but surely post new content on both sites for readers old and new. If you want to have your say on some posts, keep a look out for my Twitter posts on the anime or manga I’m currently watching/reading, comment on any relevant post and I’ll be sure to include them in my reviews.

And finally, welcome to The Animanga Effect!