Diabolik Lovers II: More Blood

Even shorter episodes this time round (down by about two minutes), Diabolik Lovers II: More Blood brings back main character Yui with the ever-fighting Sakamaki vampire brothers. But now Yui is more a family member this time round – no not as a vampire – as she’s grown accustomed to their habit of just appearing next to her whenever they want blood, and the fact that now they ever so slightly treat her more like a human than prey. The story isn’t about that though, as now the brothers and Yui must deal with a new threat in the form of another set of vampire brothers.

The new season is comprised of the story of Adam and Eve with a twist, as Yui is supposedly Eve; Adam remains unknown. This is according to the new vampires who are introduced in the first episode, who turn out to not be pureblood vampires. As you get to know them, you see that their personalities remind you of some of the Sakamaki brothers: the second brother (quiet but strict), the fourth brother (flirty but evil brother who likes to give Yui degrading nicknames), fifth brother (the supposedly cute brother out of them all but is actually creepy) and the sixth brother (the hot headed one who hates everything/one), collectively known as the Mukami brothers. They’ve now taken Yui away for their plan, consisting of the need to find Adam. Continue reading “Diabolik Lovers II: More Blood”


Diabolik Lovers

Think of a vampire romance, but with added mystery and a family of vampires. Not Twilight (never Twilight), because the girl is much different in this. Add a hint of Vampire Knight, and you sort of have Diabolik Lovers. By sort of I mean that’s not the entire description of the anime, which you’ll come to understand as you read on and probably check out the anime.

In this we have main girl Yui Komora who shows up to a mysterious mansion not knowing exactly why she’s there, after moving house due to her father’s work. And neither do the people that live there know why she has suddenly arrived. Her first encounter with someone there is Ayato, who we later find out is a vampire (as are the others there, not sure about the servant though) and is brother number three out of the six Sakamaki brothers. The other brothers meet Yui too and a few are quite interested in her due to her scent and the fact that a mortal has appeared unexpectedly in their home.

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